Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022

Have you been looking for the best cooling fan for laptops? Or the best laptop cooling fan for gaming? 

Although laptops come with their own fans which help prevent or reduce overheating, these in-built laptop cooling fans are usually not effective in carrying out the job especially when used for long hours. 

When a laptop is used for long hours, these in-built fans are not usually powerful enough to reduce the excessive heat coming from the laptop. Excessive heating of a laptop poses risks to both the computer and its user. 

Many of us put our laptops on our laps, we won’t be able to do this. Aside that, it has been medically declared to be harmful to the skin. 

When the laptop overheats, it emits too much radiation which is bad for the body. A laptop that overheats is damaging the battery, it may reduce the battery life span and render it useless. 

If the processor of a laptop is hot, the computer may slow down and deny you the effectiveness to carry out your job. If the air vents are closed, laptop batteries tend to reach a hundred degrees which can reduce the battery life. 

To prevent us from all of these, industries have developed laptop cooling pads to reduce overheating of laptops. Laptop cooling pads prevent us from the effects overheating has on our laptops. 

Having a laptop cooling pad would enable you to work on your computer for long hours without fear of the laptop overheating. 

Consider getting a laptop cooling fan if you want to get the best performance out of your laptop especially if it is a gaming laptop. The good news is, these laptop cooling pads come at a pocket-friendly price. 

You might have been wondering, how does a laptop cooling pad work? Laptop cooling fans have high powered fans that send airflow into your laptop in the direction it is needed. Below is a list of the best cooling pads for laptops.

Buyer’s Guide

When buying a cooling pad for your laptop, what are the things to look out for? What are the factors to consider while purchasing a cooling pad for a laptop? Here are some important things to consider while buying a laptop cooling pad:                                                               
  • Mobility: When buying a laptop cooling pad, one major thing to consider is its size. You should be able to go around with your laptop cooling pad, hence, you should look for one that can be carried around easily.                                                                              
  • Power consumption: Ensure your cooling pad doesn’t consume too much power. Go for a laptop cooling pad that uses optimal power.                                                                                                          
  • Fan Speed: The fan speed of your laptop cooling fan matters because some make too much noise. You might later find it uncomfortable.                                                                                        
  • Your Budget: If you want a laptop cooling fan that will serve you very well, you should go for the expensive ones. The cheap ones too are good but the expensive ones are better.                     
ImageProductFeatureWhere To Buy
Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022|| The IELT GT500V2 Turbo Fan
IELT GT500V2 Turbo Fan (5000RPM)
5000 PRM || Colourful RGB || Sealed Foam || Industrial Grade Turbo Fan || Bottom Air Intake Check on Amazon
Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022 | KLM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan
KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan(1400 RPM)
1400 PRM || Extra USB Ports || Quiet Laptop Cooler || 4 Powerful Fans || 5 Years Protection Check on Amazon
Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022 | Havit HV F2056
Havit HV F2056
1100 PRM || Extra USB Ports || Shield Holder|| Fold Arm || Blue LED Lights || Check on Amazon
Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022 || Zezzio RGB Laptop Cooling Pad
Zezzio RGB Laptop Cooling Pad
2600 PRM || RGB Light Effect || 6 Ultra Quiet Fan|| Dual USB Ports || One Year Warranty || Fold Arm Check on Amazon
Liangstar 4 Big Fans Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad
1100 PRM || Extra USB Ports || Adjustable Fan Speed|| Quiet Big Fans || Blue LED Lights || Check on Amazon

1. IELT GT500V2 Turbo Fan (5000RPM)

Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan

Best Laptop Cooling Fan 2022

The IELT GT500V2 Turbo Fan (5000RPM) is a uniquely designed laptop cooling pad that has 360 degrees blowing. It is developed with an industrial turbofan which will cool down your laptop regardless of where its cooling hole is located. The IELT GT500 Turbo Fan (5000RPM) has a speed adjustment rate of 0-5000 RPM which is more than enough to meet your cooling needs. 

The best part is that the speed can be easily adjusted to suit your cooling needs. Let’s assume you use your PC for gaming, this means you will have to increase the Rotation Per Minute (RPM) of the laptop cooling fan. If the computer is on standby mode, you can reduce it. 
  • IELT GT500V2 Turbo Fan At Amazon                                                                                                                                         
The combined sealed foam laptop cooling pad has RGB lighting which gives you 100+ lighting effects along with 18 kinds of dynamic light. You can not only adjust the speed of lighting, you can loop or easily turn them off. 

This laptop cooling pad is the best for gamers as it is designed to completely eliminate the heat backflow problem of rear exhaust gaming laptops. 

It is designed with the bottom air intake which prevents air from being sucked back into the laptop again by computers with bottom vents. The RGB lighting creates a great gaming atmosphere for gamers!

The 13-17 inch laptop cooling pad has a two-way adjustable buckle which makes it easier to firmly install laptops regardless of their thickness and size. The buckle will not scratch your laptop as it is protected by flexible silicone. 

Pros: Super Fast
          RGB Lighting
        Best for gaming

Cons: Loud if at max


Model: 65000V2 || Brand Name: IETS || Maximum Fan Speed: 5000 RPM || Maximum Air Volume: 51.25 CFM || Maximum Wind Pressure: 38.6MmH20 || Adapter Power: 18W || Product Weight: 1.15kg || PGB Lighting Effect : YES || Special Features : 360 degrees blowing, Sealed Foam, Colourful RGB, Industrial Grade Turbo fan, Bottom air intake, Dust Net, Two-Way adjustable buckle

2. KLM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan

Cheap Laptop Cooling Fan

Best Cooling Fan of 2022

You don’t need to break a bank all because you want to get a cooling fan for your laptop. The KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan is a cheap and effective laptop cooling fan you can consider buying in 2022.

With The KLM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan, your laptop would overheat no more as the USB cooling fan not only boosts your laptop’s performance but also maximises its life expectancy. 

It is also compatible with the Xbox One, Playstation and Gaming laptops. The KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan has four powerful fans of 120 millimetres, the Rotations Per Minute (RPM) of these fans is 1200. 

The KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan is a very silent laptop cooling fan, the best choice for those sensitive to noise! The USB powered laptop cooling fan doesn't exceed 26dB. To make you understand better, a whisper produces 20dB, you can imagine how quiet this laptop cooling fan is. 

The KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Fan is compatible with laptops between 10 and 17.3 inches. The winds cover the whole area of your laptop and cools down the areas where air is needed. 

It is also compatible with laptops between 17 and 19 inches. However, you will need to extend the cooler pad over the edges. 

The most fascinating thing about the USB powered laptop cooling fan is that it comes with five-year protection! No other manufacturer would give you a five-year protection on a cooling fan for laptops. If you think about it twice, you are not losing. 

Pros: Very Silent
           Comes with a 5 year protection

Cons: No RGB Lighting


Product Dimension: 10.71 x 1.22 x 15.79 inches || Item Weight: 1.58 || Manufacturer: KLIM || Item Model Number: K19 || Maximum Fan Speed : 1400 || Compatible with : 11- 19 inches laptop || Special Features : 4 Fans , Quiet Laptop Cooler , Extra USB Port, Braided Cable, Metal Grind, Cable Holder, 5 Year Guarantee !  

3. Havit HV F2056

Best Cooling Fan of 2022

#1 Best Selling Laptop Cooling Pad on Amazon

The Havit HV F2056 is a USB powered laptop cooling pad with three large 100m fans. These fans provide airflow at a quiet noise level, each fan spinning at 1000 RPM. 

The three super-fast cooling fans blow air upward into the vents of your PC. Ensure the laptop cooling pad is elated when on flat surfaces, it has two legs that are equipped for this. 

Putting the laptop cooling fan on your lap might hinder the airflow as the fans take air from underneath. The 65 CFM airflow provided by the Havit HV F2056 will allow you work all night without your PC overheating while the fans run at a whisper-quiet noise level. 

The Havit HV F2056 provides you with two more extra USB Ports. Should you need some extra USB ports while using the cooling fan, just plug it to the USB ports on the laptop cooler. 

The Havit HV F2056 is equipped with a high-quality multi-directional metal mesh which provides your PC with a wear resting and stable laptop carrying surface. 

It is a very portable laptop cooling pad, you don’t need to worry about moving it about. You can easily know the working status of the fans, especially at night via the LED indicator light which is situated around the On/Off switch. It is suitable for laptops between 15.6 - 17 inches. 

Pros: Cools nicely
          Fans are quiet
          Extra USB ports

Cons: Fans and light are controlled by a switch


Brand: Havit || Colour: Black + Blue || Item weight: 1.54 Pounds || Item dimensions: 14.96 x 1.18 x 11.02 inches || Adjustable Height Levels: 2 levels || Number of fans: 3 || Fan speed: 1100RPM || LED Lights: Blue || Compatibility: 15.6 inches- 17 inches laptop || Cooling Pad size : 14.9" x 11" x 1.2" || Fold Arm: YES || Special features: Extra USB Ports, Shield holder, high-quality multi-directional metal mesh, Extra USB ports

4. Zezzio RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Best Laptop Cooling fan

The Zezzio RGB Laptop Cooling Pad comes with an adjustable stand 12 model lights. The laptop cooling pad is powered by six ultra-quiet fans.

These six fans can speed up to 2600 Rotations Per Minute (RPM) to push air into your laptop. These fans can be as quiet as a graveyard. Despite being quiet fans, they run at a very fast speed to suit your cooling needs.

The Zezzio RGB Laptop Cooling Pad has twelve kinds of RGB effects which you can set the colours to your preference. The laptop cooling fan works for PCs within 12 and 17 inches.

Another stunning feature of this cooling fan for a laptop is that it can be folded and moved about easily.

Other amazing features include dual USB Ports which can be connected to any supported USB equipment, a non-slip silicon which prevents it from scratching your PC and a year guarantee!
SPECIFICATION Brand: Zezzio || Item Weight: 2.3 pounds || Item Dimension: 17.17 x 11.5 x 1.73 inches || RGB Light Effect: YES || Fan Speed: 2600 RPM || Number of fans: 6 || Compatibility: 12-17 inches || Noise Level: 32dB (Ultra Quiet) || Special Features: RGB Light Effect, 6 Ultra Quiet Fans, Foldable, Dual USB Ports, One Year Warranty.

Pros: Can be Folded
One Year Warranty

5. Liangstar 4 Big Fans Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Cheap Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022 || Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan

If you need a reliable laptop cooling pad, The Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan is your best bet. It does its intended purpose (cools your laptop) perfectly.

It has four super quiet cooling fans, each fan is 144mm with Blue LED lights. With The Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan, you can easily control your cooling pad as there are two separate switches designed to control the fan speed from 0-max.

The cooling pad height can also be adjusted to suit your PC as long as it is between 12 and 17 inches. The Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan is not designed for PCs alone, it can cool down other devices like pads, routers etc.
The maximum Rotation Per Minute (RPM) of this gaming cooling pad is 1100. The Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan comes with two fold-up clips at the front which prevents your PC from falling off the pad. At the bottom are two fold-down clips that raise the cooling pad to a comfortable level for working.

An extra USB port is provided to compensate for the USB port used in connecting it to the PC.

If you are a gamer and would love to go for a cheap gaming laptop cooling pad, The Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan is your best option. SPECIFICATION
Brand: Liangstar || Colour: Blue || Item Dimension: 16x11.3x1.14 || Number of Fans: 4 || LED Light Colour: Blue || Adjustable heights level: 3 || Compatibility: 12-17 inches || Cooling Pad Weight: 2.07lb || Special Features: Ergonomic Design, Adjustable Fan Speed, Extra USB Ports, Non Slip Baffle

Best Laptop Cooling Fan of 2022 || Liangstar Gaming Laptop Cooling Fan

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